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Please excuse me, I still haven't introduced myself - beside a picture below.

My name is Frank Puhlmann and I live in the beautiful city of Potsdam, Germany. A walk over the street brings me to the Studio Babelsberg, where once famous movies like Fritz Langs Metropolis have been produced. Some minutes longer, and a thereby a walk straight through Berlin, take me to my work, the Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

I'm currently employed in a german research project called PESOA, which tries to integrate things called software product lines and process-orientation. While I'm there I'm also focusing on researching some stuff like dynamic, interoperational workflow by the use of some highly interesting algebra called the pi-calculus. If that's not enough, I also prepare lectures and supervise seminars and practices. You'll certainly read more about that in the future.

As this blog is subtitled "tech, work, life, and all the rest", I'll try to keep this order. However, that doesn't mean it's the order of the world they I personally have. But still, tech is a very important thing in my life. I've been hanging on computer keyboards since I was twelve, luckily starting with a Commodore 64 (Yes, that was that kind of computer where you could dump the memory instead of using a search function). Afterward, I've came a long way about every Windows version that was somehow useable (for me it was 3.1) as well as OS/2, Linux, and a short try out of BeOS. However, this winter I switched to what I think is the coolest Unix on earth - MacOS X. Whenever I tried to use Linux seriously, it started out to be the ultimate "frickelware", where just even my hardware was not directly supported. By the way, not to mention some two, or three year old programs which simple won't run without recompiling them (if that were this easy). Luckily, I've ordered a Mac mini (you remember, BYODKM) as a birthday present for myself, and sometimes after a 12" PowerBook, which I also use at work (BYOL - means Bring Your Own Laptop). Now I'm one of those Mac fanatics, even if they announced the switch to Intel (Thanks again to Hagen). So, this is what this blog will mostly be all about: computers and other tech related stuff; things I've experienced, or researched, as well as some rare reviews on music and movies. If I get my digi-cam ready before something interesting happens, I'll also post it here.


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