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Just another crazy task is done. Last Tuesday I was looking around for call for papers just to give me some deadline to work to. After searching through some 2,500 dbworld mails, I found a call for papers for the 3rd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2005). Fortunately, the deadline has been extended one week - to exactly July 6th. My colleague, Hagen, and I decided to prepare a paper about our approach on mapping a graphical notation for business processes (the BPMN) to a nice formal algebra, the pi-calculus. We went straight to our professor and told him our idea. His first response was: that's just seven days! Indeed, we responded, not seven - just five. Both of us will be going on vacation the weekend between - without any computer.

Writing the paper was actually quite funny as the content focused more and more at the conference than on our initial idea. Finally we created a paper about using the pi-calculus in the area of service oriented computing. We will see if the "be the first" approach will work this time also. Currently, there is just one "hard" scientific paper about using the pi-calculus for workflow on the market - whereas there is a strong demand.

However, we managed to finish our beautiful paper just in time and now wait for notification - that's not before September, 15th.


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