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After the exciting days now a bit back to work. Today I got a notification that two of my research papers have been accepted for the 9th International Conference on Business Information Systems.

The first paper explains the motivation of my thesis and has been named during my Amsterdam trip: Why do we actually need the Pi-Calculus for Business Process Management? At this time I thought no one would ever accept such a nonscientific title for a scientific paper. However, even at our research group I got quite good responses like: "Ok, let's assume I actually do need a formalism (which of course is very unlikely), then, after reading your paper, I would consider Pi-Calculus". Now that I have chapter one of my thesis published (to appear in some book of the Springer LNCS series soon) - the remainder of my thesis will straightforward ;-)

The second paper is based on a product line of my colleague Arnd and thereby directly related to the work I'm payed for (see PESOA). Together with him we investigated how to model variant-rich business process diagrams, i.e. business processes containing variants that can be fitted to customer needs. This paper is titled: Variability Mechanisms in E-Business Process Families.

Both papers will be presented only by myself at the conference in Klagenfurt (Austria), as my colleague is visiting a conference in Shanghai (China) this time around. Did I chose the right conference?


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