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While I didn't updated this blog for almost half a year, now the time has come to tell you something new. First of all, I finished writing my thesis and handed it in for review. (That's of course my excuse ;-) But having finished a scientific work about BPM is not absolutely satisfying me. Since I always need more deadlines to work for, I now transfer my findings into a textbook. The thing will be called nothing less than "Frank Puhlmann's Business Process Management: Design, Specification, and Analysis". As already my name as part of the title suggests - in combination with the subtitle - I'm going to present my very own approach to BPM in this book. The book will be split into three major parts, where in the first part a graphical notation for designing business processes will be introduced. This notation closely resembles a subset of the BPMN - restricted for usability. The second part will introduce the formal specification of business processes. I will present a straightforward semantics for the graphical notation using the pi-calculus (is there still anything else out there?). Using the formal specification, the third part discusses the analysis of business processes regarding structural criteria. Since a well designed business process is of course free of structural error, the last chapter also closes the link with the first one, where the question of "good design" is discussed. As an appetizer, I can already show you the cover design. By the way, I took the picture in Chicago, IL, where I attended the fourth international conference on service oriented computing last December.


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