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Legal Hackintosh(tm) 

When I got my copy of MacOS X Leopard, I wondered why there have been Apple stickers included. As far as I remember, these stickers have only been distributed with new hardware. Still, the answer is provided in the license agreement:

2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions.
A. Single Use. This License allows you to install, use and run one (1) copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time. You agree not to install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-labeled computer, or to enable others to do so.

So, if you want to build a Hackintosh(tm), that is an ordinary PC running MacOS X, you first need to place one of the supplied Apple stickers on the front of your PC. Afterwards, you fulfill (this part of) the license requirements. That's quite similar to the Windows license stickers (but without the installation code). I still wonder if this was planned by Apple or is just a mistake.


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