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Official: XP on Macs! 

Now that I don't need an ugly hack to get Windows XP running on an Intel-based Mac (see here) I want one too! Why? Ok, I'm just kidding, but booting XP and playing some nice games only available for PC's doesn't sound so bad. Unfortunately I also think this is the final curtain for games on the Mac. Who is willing to develop games for a platform that can simply boot another OS and run the game? Maybe Apple is even adding Windows support inside Mac OS Leopard, just like OS/2 did? As a developer I would ask: Why two platforms if one fits it all? Hopefully, the Mac will survive once again!
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Computing 1991 

Today I found an interesting video about computing in 1991. I have to admit that I still used a C64 at this time, but I've also seen Windows 3.0 on some 286 PC's. What Steve Jobs did at this time was a bit to futuristic - at least at this time. Go and watch this video from 1991(!) where Steve demonstrates an operating system years ahead of the competition.

And if you've got the time (I still haven't but bookmarks are nice): A collection of GUI's can be found here. If you're interested in more Apple related videos - look no further.
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I'd like to tell you from my third visit to Amsterdam. I was a speaker at a workshop on Dynamic Web Processes at the 3rd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing evangelizing people to Pi-Calculus. Actually I talked about some vision named: Toward a Formal for Agile Service Discovery and Integration. Yes I have to confess: The slides contained formulas.

The city itself was a bit disappointing. Amsterdam in winter is way beyond what I remembered like it was in summer. Nevertheless, there was anything you would expect from this city ;-) We were even invited to the city hall, where someone very smart told us about how much Amsterdam has been waiting for a conference on service oriented computing.

The conference itself was quite disappointing. Paying 500 euros just to sit at uncomfortable chairs in a hotel conference room with only coffee delivered - I don't know why they didn't chosed one of the universities having real auditoriums. The conference itself is best described by: Italy and IBM. You either have to have an italien family name or work for IBM, best of all from India. Because I'm not related to any of that, I always felt a bit outside. Nevertheless, six guys from the HPI visiting this conference made it something like a school trip.
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Mini survived Surgery 

Today I finally updated my Mac mini to 1gig of RAM. Having initially denied to order 1gig as Apple was likely to take around 400 bucks, and unwilling to crack the housing open when the mini was brand-new, now the time has come:

The most scaring part was of course the removal of the housing - the plastic nipples make a strange cracking noise when pushing the putty knife inside!
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Bugs killed 

The bugs I described last time under "Unevitable Bugs" have been closed with the newest update of Tiger to 10.4.3. The PDF renders now without a memory leak forcing the system to die slowly. However, I have seen my first kernel panic on a Mac ever (beside the known K750 bug, which has also been fixed in 10.4.3). Next time I'm going to make a photo - hopefully this will never happen again. But I still have some doubts as my collegues PowerBook paniced the moment he was giving a tool demonstration - running MacOS 10.4.3...
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