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The all new MacBooks have arrived - blogging and podcast ready! While I was surprised about the technical details (Core Duo, DVI video output, high-resolution screen, but only onboard graphics) the design seems to step back a bit. The white model resembles some MSI notebooks, whereas the black just looks like a Dull. I'm also interesting in getting my fingers on the keyboard, since it now resembles some kind of calculator keyboard:

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Hardcore Java Programmers wanted 

It took some time to reach me - but finally I'm aware of this cool ad from an Amsterdam, The Netherlands based company called Virgil. Very seriously looking they sell streaming data solutions to the financial service industry. But their advertising agency had a sense of humor - Hardcore Java Programmers wanted:

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Computing 1991 

Today I found an interesting video about computing in 1991. I have to admit that I still used a C64 at this time, but I've also seen Windows 3.0 on some 286 PC's. What Steve Jobs did at this time was a bit to futuristic - at least at this time. Go and watch this video from 1991(!) where Steve demonstrates an operating system years ahead of the competition.

And if you've got the time (I still haven't but bookmarks are nice): A collection of GUI's can be found here. If you're interested in more Apple related videos - look no further.
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For Sascha 

This blog entry is for Sascha, who discovered and (maybe) read my blog. Luckily for him, I have some additional updates too. So even if this blog is absolutely inofficial (more like a test) you can drop me an email if you actually read this (it might be motivating).

And yes, as this entry is tagged photo, I have one that I always wanted to publish:

This is the truth why we get paid in our "kindergarten for adults" - working in an office is quite dangerous!
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Mini survived Surgery 

Today I finally updated my Mac mini to 1gig of RAM. Having initially denied to order 1gig as Apple was likely to take around 400 bucks, and unwilling to crack the housing open when the mini was brand-new, now the time has come:

The most scaring part was of course the removal of the housing - the plastic nipples make a strange cracking noise when pushing the putty knife inside!
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