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Me with a Hat 

Yesterday I defended my doctoral thesis and finally got one of those funny hats. While my thesis will appear later this month on this website, you can already find the slides here (in German).

The reviewers of my thesis (from left to right): Prof. Weske (HPI), Prof. van der Aalst (TU Eindhoven), Prof. Nestmann (TU Berlin).

The buffet.

And finally, me with a hat (in the background is Prof. Naumann, the chairman of my defense).
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PowerBook survived Surgery OR Always make a Backup 

Yesterday, my good old PowerBook 12" (yes, the lightest Apple notebook ever produced until now), unexpectedly died right in front of a class. I was giving a lecture on the pi-calculus and BPM (what else?), as Keynote did not started the presentation right away. Instead, the Keynote dock symbol bounced up and down and the beachball occured. The only things I was able to do was move the mouse. After investigating the issue, I found out that the harddrive made a metallic click noise. This came a bit unexpected, since the day before yesterday I thought about updating my backup...

Nevertheless, I went to K&M and picked up a nice 160GB Samsung harddrive. This morning, I prepared everything according to, removed about 35 screws, placed the new hdd into place, assembled 35 screws---and---finally got a working PowerBook with an even faster harddisk. This is how the book looked before the old drive had been removed:

What do we learn thereof? Always make a backup!
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Chicago Pics 

Just as the temperature (and humidity) is melting us, here are some pictures from my Chicago trip.This has already taken place in December, with temperatures as low as -20C:

My hotel.

The local Apple store.

The Chicago river at night.

The public transportation above the streets.

Starbucks in the old part of the town.

The Chicago river once more.

The Chicago board of trade.

Skyline view from the Sears tower.
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While an update about the BPM conference and the WS-FM workshop I'm currently visiting will follow, I already have something to smile about for some people.

Now we know why the HPI is not a bank ;-)

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Small Cars 

Yesterday I was again quite surprised how big our new car looks in contrast to established ones. At the left hand side you can see an Audi A4 and at the right hand our Peugeot 307SW. Interestingly, the 307 is one class below the A4...

(Ok, I tricked a bit because our car is closer to the camera, but still its a nice difference)

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