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Since Halloween is nearing, I have some interesting pictures of different pumpkins for you. I took them already some weeks ago at an exhibition that took place here.

First of all, there is the "Golden Delicious":

There are also ones that look like bottles:

Here are a few more:

And finally one that is called Aladin:

There was even a whole wagon covered with pumpkins:

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So, time is up. I've waited long enough for Apple's iPhone. While it seems to be a nice technical goody, the price is way to high. While the Telekom was not mentioning any details, O2, the british carrier, introduced a pricing similar to the AT&T model. Thus, the lowest rate will be about 50 euro a month. Combining 400 euro for the phone and twenty-four times 50 bucks, the iPhone will cost at least 1600 euro during the two years plan. A bit too high, if you ask me.

However, my good old SE K700i died right away some weeks ago. As a replacement, I'm happy with a SE K810i. The phone is capable of doing almost everything interesting the iPhone can do. It plays music. Okay, without Coverflow. It plays videos. Okay, at a bit lower resolution. It shows Google Maps (anyway, already my K700i did that). Well, it's not playing YouTube content. Otherwise, it has (1) extendible memory, (2) no SIM-lock, (3) Java-Application support, (4) an RDS radio, (5) a lower weight, and (6) a way better camera. That's how I came to the title:

A Christian spider in the wood.
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My colleague Arnd just sent me a photo of a bar formerly known as Pi-Bar. Unfortunately, it has been renamed to Ki-Bar in the meantime. I've never visited it, but if you're in the area, here's the location.

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HPI Sommerfest 

Today the HPI Sommerfest is (still) taking place. Here I have some impressions for you:

The HPI band: Poolraum Party.


Some people in front of the stage---most stayed in the background.


Even the sun appeared in the evening.

Unfortunately, I have no picture from the fourth band, Tiger HiFi, since I had to leave early. If anybody has one, please send me a copy, so that I can add it here.
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Welcome to the Exhibition 

I know quite some people that are a bit unsure about the things we do all day long. Instead of talking about something they don't understand (it can be found here), actually, our institute has something new to offer: An exhibition of modern art. Take a look at these pictures and objects that have been placed at nearly every possible place. And yes, these pictures/objects are all original ones...

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