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Agile BPM Methodology 

Hi out there! I'm back with my blog, after having fixed some PHP5 related issues (my provider forced me to upgrade). Nevertheless, I brought a very exiting must-read for you (as long as you understand at least a bit German): A student of mine, Christian Thiemich, wrote a wonderful Thesis about an agile BPM methodology.

While you might should know what BPM means, a methodology might be alien to you. Basically, a methodology brings together a development framework (such as Waterfall or Scrum), tools and techniques (such as Quick Checks), and artifacts (e.g. process models). The framework guides you in when to use which tools and techniques to create which artifacts.

The presented framework relies upon the proven Scrum software development framework as well the Integrated BPM project methodology. The former provides the ingredients for a state-of-the-art agile development framework, whereas the latter provides a toolbox for executing the earlier phases of BPM development projects (focused on business and service modeling).

By bringing together those two state-of-the-art frameworks, Christian opens the door for real customer-centric BPM projects - the Customers get the processes they really need, not the ones they designed upfront.

If I teased you enough, get the full story here.


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