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BPMB goes National (inofficial) 

Last friday I attended our regular BPMB (Berlin BPM initiative) meeting, discussing the topic of BPM Governance. While the presentations (from Siemens and comdirect Bank) have been as fine as expected and a lot of discussion took place (as usual), I figured out one remarkable fact: Almost half of the 14 attendees came from outside Berlin!

By outside, I really mean a bit of a ride away. We had two people attending from south-east (Dresden), one from Erlangen, and three from the north (nearby Hamburg, Quickborn, Bremen). This is especially interesting, as the BPMB is a free (e.g. no money involved) initiative from/for people interested in BPM, including vendors, customers, consultants, researchers and anyone else who has a stake in BPM. From my point of view, this is a really stark sign of visibility for our BPM roundtable, also in the European view.

If you would like to join us in one of our workshops, just visit the BPMB homepage or register for the Newsletter at the BPM-Netzwerk.
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