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Orientation Less? 

Today I've tried a nice little feature of my PowerBook: SMS. The Sudden Motion Sensor detects the physical orientation of the device. Originally build into the Book for detecting sudden motions, as when it's abruptly going down, and quickly parking the heads of the hard drive, some guy has figured out other nice uses.

One nice feature is to rotate the windows, so that they are always aligned with the horizon. If that's not enaugh, in combination with "the physical orientation of the PowerBook, the amount of resources consumed by the application, and how much the user is using the application", the orientations of all windows can change in realtime... might be a bit tricky to use that thing.

Beside some app that visualizes the current orientation of the Book in a window, there is also a human interface device driver. The Book's orientation can now be used to move the mouse pointer or simulate key strokes. A quite interesting app to test it with is Neverball. In Neverball you direct a ball by changing the orientation of the underlying floor while collecting coins and at the same time try to keep the ball inside the borders. Also quite tricky, especially as the sensor has a low granularity. Reminds me of playing Moto Cross Madness with my Sidewinder Freestyle Pro (now already good old times).
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