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Today is time for statistics. Rule number one: don't trust any that you didn't manipulated yourself. Rule number two: show only what you want to show.

Here is the web browser and OS statistics for February 2008 of my whole website. The left hand diagram shows you the different browsers. It's quite interesting to see that 38 percent of my visitors are Internet Explorer users. This is noteable, since only the blog has a stylesheet for IE, all other pages are rendered in plain (but readable) text. Safari is not refined further by my web statistics (provided by 1und1).

The right hand diagram shows the distribution of different operating systems, where others include different versions of Windows and SunOS. Windows XP and Vista power the computers of 59 percent of my visitors. Not surprisingly, almost a quarter uses MacOS (again not further refined).

I removed the Google, Yahoo, etc. bots. And yes, I let you guess the number of visitors :-)
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