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Impressions from Beijing 

While I was at the BPM conference in Beijing, China, I had the chance to do some sightseeing.

At our first evening we found Houhai Bar Street, the most obvious Tourist Trap in Beiijing.

A view from the subway station Wudaokou nearby the conference hotel.

A view of the Tiananmen Square---with rigorous security checks (passport required & x-ray for your bags).

Inside the Forbidden City.

A view from the Jingshan Park's Temple over the Forbidden City.

Wangfujing Street---One of Beijing most famous shopping streets.

Somewhere on the way to the Temple of Heaven (Zhushikou Street).

The Temple of Heaven (in the background) with the Long Corridor.

The conference's Social Event within the Summer Palace.

A three-level street crossing somewhere near Guomao.

World Trade Center Tower 3---Beijings tallest building.

Yep, you can also find something like this...

And finally, Beijing has a quite tremendous spaceairport; this is just half of the entrance area of Terminal 3.
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