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The IoT Solution Draft

IoT Solution Draft

The IoT Solution Draft is used for analyzing a prototype or minimum viable product for an interesting IoT idea. The draft is shown in the figure above and can be discussed starting from various angles. At the bottom left you find the thing, which might be the most obvious starting point for technical inclined readers. You usually have a thing in focus when talking about IoT, haven't you? Well, if you've managed to read the somehow hidden subsection in our book on "Adding some structure", the possible inception points to capture and control the "real world" are not the only starting points. [Continue...]

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014 - Live IoT Showcase

In this presentation at the first Bosch Connected World Conference in Berlin, Germany (Feb 09, 2014), I gave an introduction into a fictious company called ACME cleaners, who provides robot vacuum cleaning services for B2B customers. The demo scenario was implemented with a very first version of the Bosch IoT Suite:

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